we're part of the Wirral Environmental Network, and we support the work in the UK of the Tree Council and associated organisations. We work with conservation volunteers, schools, park rangers, and the many "Friends" organisations that get neighbours active in the parks, open spaces, hedgerows, roadside verges and the loved, but often neglected, areas of the Wirral Peninsula.

If you'd like to be added to our mailing list, as a Tree Warden, volunteer, supporter, then email Helen Ellis
Secretary: Wirral Tree Wardens Network


We try to have lots of active meetings to explore our area's trees and woods, lots of projects and collaborations on the go at all times that keep us focussed on the trees we enjoy, to be a good balance with the business meetings which are an inevitable part of how we share information, plan projects and campaign for tree preservation and retention in the face of all the changes and developments in a thriving area, but where local authorities have to make cuts and decisions which can place trees as a lesser priority than we'd like.


we need time and expertise: not excessive, but as much as you enjoy giving.

Our fundraising is basic: sales of fruit preserves from our orchard, donations at events such as Apple Days. Until the last year, we sold home-made refreshments, cakes and biscuits once or twice a year at the Servery at Royden Park. This is not available at the moment, so we're looking for farmers' markets and other opportunities to raise funds - can you help?

We need more people to help us with work projects, and in getting our tree-promoting messages to the public in a way that's more sharply focussed and more inspirational.

Get Involved

it's not about tree hugging, although I'm told that's a perfectly respectable activity - one of the tree wardens does it regularly to check on bats living in hollows in trees, BUT it is about sharing your enjoyment of trees with others.

We need more tree wardens and friends to keep an eye on the treescape in our area,

- perhaps looking at trees in parks, gardens and roadsides when walking your dog

- perhaps by being the "tree champion" in your community group, school parents group, or business, and look at the advantages in bringing trees into any spaces you have or use 

-perhaps by being active in any of the "Friends of.." groups and using the network of Tree Wardens to add to the work of your organisation. Most parks, wildlife and conservation areas, museums, libraries and heritage sites have such groups, and we're really delighted when we have a chance to work alongside them and add more trees into their activities


Watch out for

We have a full programme of volunteer activities in our calendar.   -

BUT: with lock downs, safe working restrictions, social distancing, we try to keep ourselves and volunteers safe from pandemic corona virus, and we have advice to follow from the Tree Council 

( click for a link to Tree Council advice for tree wardens) This advice is updated quite frequently, so check the dates on any web-site

we have now some limited outdoor activities, keeping social distancing, keeping space, wearing masks with up to 30 people at a time.

We're still working with other partners in the Wirral Initiative on Trees to monitor and improve the Strategy for Trees, Hedgerows and Woodlands for Wirral, to shape policy for the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

we're preparing a massive citizen-science project to record (and help preserve) our local trees

We hope the autumn will bring more heritage open days about our tree heritage and Apple Days and Autumn Walks in the Woods

We'll hopefully join in celebrations of the volunteer work at projects in New Ferry, Ness Gardens, Lees Lane, West Kirby and more. Some will be on line, if public events have been cancelled.

meanwhile, look at our new Tree Planting section for some ideas about safe working to grow on more trees


The Wirral Strategy for Trees, Hedgerows and Woodlands is launched with support from local and national organisations CLICK

Wirral Strategy for Trees, Hedgerows and Woodlands can be downloaded from here.

Wirral TreeWardens Network:  we're planning our calendar of events and have been tidying up the trees at Brimstage,  call Dave for dates on pdellwand at hotmail.com. or check our calendar

remember, we put our most-up-to-date activities on Facebook - (cllick for link)

But the big one is community planting of many thousand trees in Wirral, Cheshire, Merseyside and North Wales, while keeping social distancing and safety uppermost - watch out for news!!

Partner Groups
We are sorry that in 2020, after assessing the increased risks from the local rise in Covid 19 infections, we had to cancel the Brimstage Hall Orchard Apple Day
However, we are optimistic that on 19th September 2021, we can have an Apple Day with displays of orchard-related crafts. We will be there from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm and look forward to seeing you there - just watch our Facebook page for confirmation! 

Thanks to everyone who is fostering trees for future planting. Wirral Council is identifying a number of sites for planting which will be ready for circulation in the next weeks. We'd welcome other suggestions for areas for planting, which will enable us to check we've the right places for the right trees. Many "foster-parents" have asked to adopt their trees in suitable gardens, fields, school sites and workplaces - we'll send out guidance in mid-October about this!

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We care for the trees in our area. We help volunteers to plant, protect and tend trees and we're a voice for enriching our landscapes, both urban, coastal and rural.